When evaluating an organization what political and ethical factors must be taken into account

A whistleblower who takes a stand against unethical practices helps you identify problems that jeopardize your business, so encourage your employees to report problematic behavior.

It would normally be necessary to use a physical land productivity index in reconnaissance studies and as a necessary preliminary to economic evaluation. NIIB is a measure of the potential increase in productivity of a unit area of land when developed under a project plan, expressed in economic terms, such as an Annual Equivalent Value.

The FAO Framework includes water supply water quantity, quality, and seasonality among the resources of the land, and the land evaluator may or may not choose to classify land suitability according to whether the volume of water is sufficient, the period of year during which it is available, and the cost of conveying water to the different tracts of land.

Political and Ethical Factors in Evaluating an Organization

It is also conceivable that this land unit with a third LUT C, e. Further explanatory details are given in Chapter 7. The selection of cropping, irrigation and management alternatives and the description of prospective land utilization types LUTs for evaluation Chapter 4.

The suitability of the land must therefore be classified on condition that water can be supplied to it. In using the value per volume of water method of attributing benefits, the land can be classified as if it were receiving a full supply of irrigation water, with the land classification expressing values equivalent to a full water supply project.

However, it is also possible to evaluate the suitability of land on the basis of a value per volume of water. Experimental work started early in an irrigation development programme often proves of value during the later operation and management of the irrigation project, as well as during the later stages of land evaluation.

Relative yield can be a convenient land productivity index.

What Ethical Factors Must Be Taken Into Account in Organizations?

The most reliable guide to crop performance and future management problems is often experience in a locality with similar physical, climatic and socio-economic conditions to those of the area to be developed. Three convenient measures of suitability which lend themselves to progressive application as data become more readily available are suggested below: Major kinds of land e.

Customer Ethics Successful companies value high-performing employees because productivity increases profitability. Ethical Climate The shared understanding of which behaviors are acceptable and which are not constitutes the ethical climate of an organization.

This is the yield per hectare relative to that of the best land as a percentage or fraction. However, it is important to understand that the classes into which given land unit-LUT combinations fall, may differ abruptly according to the index used.

Honoring your ethical obligation to your customers fosters trust and helps you develop long-term business relationships. The appropriate measures of suitability for each classification are explained in Section 2. Three sets of information are obtained from surveys of land resources: Instead, you must decide what behaviors are appropriate and then use every tool at your disposal to promote them.

Sooner or later, you will lose their business. In the early stages of irrigation investigations, the amount of water available for irrigation and the exact locations to which water can be economically transported are often uncertain.

In terms of a land productivity index a land unit may, say, be classed S1 for both crops. The selection of types of data required for the evaluation and the preparation of a land resource inventory Chapter 5.When Evaluating An Organization What Political And Ethical Factors Must Be Taken Into Account.

Work ethics and ethical behavior To understand what is the work ethics and what is meant by ethical behavior and what are the factors influencing the ethical behavior, we need to know the meaning of some key words.

Ethics is a philosophical. Search Results for 'when evaluating an organization what political and ethical factors must be taken into account why' Evaluation Of a Business Code Of Ethics.

When evaluating an organization, what political and ethical factors must be taken into account? - Answered by a verified Tutor.

When evaluating an international organization, what political and ethical factors must be taken into account and why? What effect do the previous two factors have on an organization's leadership climate and why might this be important when developing. Start studying MGMT Ch.

4. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. What 6 factors must be taken into account when determining the ethical intensity of an action?

1) Magnitude of consequences all of these encourage managers and employees to take others' interests into account. The evaluation must take account of the local physical, political, economic and social conditions.

The success of irrigation when it is introduced may depend as much on factors such as pricing policies for crops, labour supply, markets, accessibility, land tenure, etc. as on climate and soils.

When evaluating an organization what political and ethical factors must be taken into account
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