Water resources should be nationalized

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This would reduce both floods and droughts. Where people can sit together and make decisions regarding the supply and usage of water in the country and there should be a water meter and water bill for every house as there is a electricity bill.

They should also be taught about the need for afforestation and how forests can bring rain. Water is free flowing, a nations inability to maintain healthy water will cause the dirt n other things to flow to other nations causing differences.

This has been a success in Europe. But if all nearby state will co-operate among themselves for linking of water bodies, making small small controlling bodies for nearby states depending upon distribution clauses then it may reduce corruption, delay, political disturbances etc between state and center.

Plays can be organized to tell the people about the dangers of water scarcity. Day by day our water requirements are increased more but mean while our resources are going down because of increase of population so we should control population to increase and nationalized water.

Water Resource Should Be Nationalized

Undoubtedly, interlinking of rivers would provide innumerable facilities and comforts but certain hurdles are bound to arise in the implementation of the project.

Also, each household of the country who owns a land a certain portion should be set aside for the preservation of rain water. There are disadvantages to.

Aug 26, According to me nationalization of water resources has its own pros and cons. Interlinking of water resources will provide water to farmers of country and it will enhance our agricultural production.

Steps should be taken to conserve water at the local level instead. There can be many cases against nationalisation of water resource but they should not be used as pleas for privatising this important resource, rather proper steps need to be taken to curb the demerits emergent from nationalisation presented as follows".

According to me water is the natural resource. The decision of that commitee should become binding to all the parties involved in dispute. During monsoons, they tend to overflow and inundate large flood prone areas and cause loss of ife, livestock, crops and property.

Should Water Resources Be Nationalized?

There would be only corruption and not service to people. Jun 27, From my point of view, In current scenario, implementing a thing is very difficult and when it seems like big project it will be very much difficult to implement and to monitor.

It will also reduce scarcity of water in many parts of our country. Yamuna, in turn, is joined by its tributaries like Chambal, Sind, Betwa and Ken.

The government on its part has set up a task force under former power minister, Suresh Prabhu to build national consensus, work out detailed plans and to see that the entire work is completed by the year Our country will become economically strong.

Nationalization of water resources is important but in our case, water sharing between two states itself a big problem and not made possible by the Government. In view of it, it would be reasonable that the Government take necessary steps to control the supply and distribution of water; 4 Not only the drinking water, the other uses of water will also become increasingly costly, particularly its use in agriculture.

Hence, there is a always an element of uncertainty in availability of water. Sep 14, I support Water resource nationalization.

Water resources should be nationalized

We must rejuvenate our groundwater supplies by effective water management techniques which include collection of rain water in the roof tops, prevention of run-off and purification of sewage water.

In southern states cauvery project is the major issue. Mar 24, Hi friends.

Water Resources Should Be Nationalized

All the natural resources been restricted to specific area in the intention to easy managing and understanding of the problems not to stop to the whole mankind who is from other states and areas. Jan 27, I think water resources should be nationalised. The project intends to link the bramaputra and its tributaries with the ganga and the ganga with the Mahanadi river to transfer surplus water from east to west.

Take the initiative to participate and contribute your thoughts. Water resources will be used effectively and reduction in wastage of water.Water resources are sources of water that are useful. The world is fast running out of usable water.

Anthropogenic activities are depleting and polluting this finite well spring of life at a startling rate. From my point of view water resources should be nationalized so that the power of usage of water lies in the hands of the central government and if that govt is strong can reduce the quarrels between the states and can distribute them according to the need of the states and it can have the right to supply that in an efficient way to all the.

Water resources should be nationalized Nationalizing water resources would mean the control of handling all water resources like Dam’s, rivers, pipes etc. would be handled nationally or by the state. For. Nationalizing water resources would stabilize and equalize water supply throughout the nation.

Oct 14,  · Water resources should be nationalized in India, because water saves/destroys the life of any living things. sharing a good things increases the prosperity of life and bad things reduces the sin.

# Water resources should be nationalized to solve all water problems in India. It’s better if we plan the path through barren lands. So that, there will be no wastage of fertile lands.

WATER RESOURCES SHOULD BE NATIONALISED India is one country united by various states to have peace within,we should live together by .

Water resources should be nationalized
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