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I was beat by dad a lot and one day i Theo 202 enough. The use of these expressions for the eternity of God shows conclusively that they do not mean limited duration. My grandma got custody of me when I was one and that is were i lived Intel her passing when I was six years old.

After discussing hell, I returned to my understanding of the unsaved. I adamantly explained to Steve that those verses are taken out of context when used as a means to dismiss eternal punishment.

Hades is a virtually synonymous Greek term used in the New Testament. During the time of stay i had with her I watched my sister raped and the guy did stuff to me.

For us to understand sin, we must take time to have a complete run down of the doctrine and how we as Christians deal with this type of issue.

Pride is something we use as an excuse to think we have done nothing wrong or admit to others of our mistakes, so we tend to think that it is their fault, hatred is our worst sin that we tend to overlook because we believe that it is okay and with fear being a main cause of hatred, it causes us to be irrational and act in a non-Christian way.

I shared with Steve the following Scriptures to support my stance that sin will be punished: So i lived with him for the next few years and the story repeats its self i was raped by a guy and he told me if i told my dad then he would kill me.

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That would be a far stretch from the meaning the author intended. If we do not believe that there is a God who loves us or that His existence is there then we cannot address the very nature of sin.

We told my mom and she laughed and said that he would not do that he was a good guy.

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So I asked this guy they called Jesus into my heart. I told Steve, like the quote he had read earlier, some find it hard to reconcile the idea Theo 202 hell with the love of God. I then had Steve look at Matthew We concluded our conversation with Steve feeling more empowered, educated, and equipped to explain how a loving God could allow the sinful to go to hell.

Surely a God who would do such a thing is more nearly like Satan than like God, at least by any ordinary moral standards, and by the gospel itself.

I Theo 202 going to this place called a church and again the people had a happiness that i had never seen before. I let Steve know that gehenna best corresponds to the traditional understanding of the eternal abode of the wicked.

Gehenna came to be used metaphorically for the hell of fire, the place of everlasting punishment for the wicked. My Testimony At one I was abandon by my mother and father. He beat me in front of my friends because i got his truck stuck and he said if i had a gun i would blow your brains out all of this filed.

The first view I discussed was annihilationalism. It said by C. This is just a brief over view of my story of being transformed to a new person.

The term Hamartiology in theology deals with the idea of sin and the evils we commit because of our desires. Sheol, I explained, is a Hebrew term used in the Old Testament to describe the after-death home of both the saved and unsaved.

I enlightened Steve on the common objections to my view of the final destiny of the unsaved. Sin is the very evils we commit in a daily basis and for us to understand sin, we must have belief in the spiritual world. I told Steve no one really wants to talk about hell, but it exists as a definite part of the eternal plan of God.

Retrieved October 09,from http: Next, I briefly discussed hell with Steve. I again reminded him of my previous reference to annihilationalism and universalism. I wanted what they had so i asked. Then I moved to my dads house. I began by sharing with Steve 3 differing views on life after death for those who reject Jesus.

Therefore, our priority in our spiritual beliefs should be in God. I wanted to make it crystal clear to Steve why I believed in eternal punishment. That was the last full day i lived with my real dad.First Introduction Methods of Forcing Theodore Annemann Previous | Next | Contents FIRST INTRODUCTION I want to say right at the start that I am not claiming any originality for the.

Theo THEO Short Essay 1- Hamartiology The problem of evil is a very serious topic, it is also a very hard topic to explain and understand.

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Theo Anthropology: Marriage and Divorce (2 Pages | Words) “At the beginning, the Creator made them male and female, and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. Amber Heuisler MLA THEO B08 Final Essay Final Essay on my Vocation as a Counselor In almost every vocation that one can choose from, the foundational belief that everyone is created in the image of God can be incorporated.

THEO Christology 3 sem. hrs. H2a: This course studies the person, being and activity of Jesus of Nazareth in depth through an examination of biblical testimonies, early Church Councils, and contemporary theological methods. Theo quiz 5 study guide DjVu, ePub, PDF, doc, txt formats.

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