The pizza wars come to campus

Customers that may have specific preferences or enjoy more variety will turn to off-campus businesses to satisfy their wants.

Perhaps she should move the pizza operation to its own separate building. In this way students will have not only greater variety but also food delivered quickly to their rooms.

Weaknesses- When adapting to customer needs, Kershaw took space from grill activities for the pizza oven, preparation, and staging areas. A variety of toppings will ensure that the students are satisfied. It is also important that the variety of food is prominent, students will get bored easily with the same foods every day.

Calzones use the same ingredients and would cost nothing additional to make. A move to quality and variety require more resources Efficient workspace enables operations excellence If Kershaw were to change her competitive priorities within her pizza operation, a few changes will need to be made with regards to the operating process and capacity allocation.

Since Kershaw increased efficiency by offering less toppings, this is the biggest external threat to the business.

Small grill BSB,Inc is under contract to provide food services students and faculty, staff, and support personnel. In order to keep the costs down and provide fast delivery, the combinations of the topping s are limited.

Larger corporations might also have the financial means to locate their businesses in a more convenient location than BSB, inc. A different variety for students.

Low prices are always attractive to students; large restaurant chains often include many overhead costs in the price of their product. I believe a careful study of the importance of the pizza sector of her business before she makes any changes.

Daily and until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Membership cards will increase loyalty and add to customer retention. As the demand for pizza grew, so did the need for space and equipment. Increased competition More food variety: To achieve this goal, a pizza oven was installed, the existing personnel were trained to make pizzas, and additional personnel were hired to deliver the pizzas by bicycle.

Pizza Wars Come to Campus"— Presentation transcript: This would free up storage capacity and allow for Kershaw to design an efficient workspace required for employees to compete with the new competition. The capacity problem resulted in an increase in delivery time. Large cafeteria The Dogwood Room which is located on the second in the same building, serves the upscale luncheon buffet.

Name-brand facilities might attract more business Larger variety in food 13 Strengths and Weaknesses Conducted surveys to define customer needs and trends Adapted to customer needs by providing Pizza and offering campus delivery Weaknesses Insufficient capacities of equipment and space causing inability to meet demand and delayed delivery Limited amount of toppings available for Pizza causing customers to look elsewhere Strengths — Showing a strength in internal personnel, Kershaw started conducting surveys very shortly after becoming a manager.

Chapter 2 Case Analysis: Pizza Wars Come to Campus

Off-campus delivery and services require more time and Kershaw can use this to her advantage to draw in more customers.Bsb Inc: Pizza Wars Come To Campus Case Analysis Report 1.

Statement Renne Kershaw, the food manager at, has had a successful one year sales at a medium sized university in the Southeast from its pizza delivery service and thinking of expanding its operations. Until then, was the only food service operating on campus.

THE PIZZA DECISION BSB, Inc., has been operating the campus food services for the past 10 years—ever since the university decided that its mission and core competencies should focus on education, not on food service/5(6).

CASE: BSB, Inc., The Pizza Wars Come to Cam. pus to accompany CHAPTER 1: Competing with Operations. Renee Kershaw, manager of food services at a medium-sized private university in the Southeast, just had the wind taken out of her sails. sBSB, Inc., The Pizza Wars Come to Campus Rence Kershaw is a manager of food service at a medium- sized private university in the southeast.

She had decided to expand pizza making operations in that time when she was owing to the success. View Notes - CASE-pizza war from GSM at Zhejiang University. CASE: BSB, INC.: PIZZA WARS COME TO CAMPUS * A. SYNOPSIS BSB, INC.


Essay on Campus Involvement 2. chicken wings and offering jobs and discounts to students as well. The event was located at the Wolf University Center, and my buddies and I received free food, merchandise advice on how to write resumes, etc.

The pizza wars come to campus
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