Role civil society democratic sustainance nigeria

Political accountability implies regular and open methods of sanctioning or rewarding those who hold positions of public trust through a system of checks and balances. Our politics is bereft of sound value-orientation and ideological underpinning.

Such roles according to Neo-liberal thinkers include defending people against the state and the market and in asserting the democratic will to influence the state. The registration requirements of CSOs should have renewal provisions that demand evidence of positive results produced and audited statements of accounts [18] As a veritable step towards building sustainable cooperation and partnership between government and civil society groups in the country is a key requirement in this regard.

Year back, our leadership promised to entrench a just, egalitarian and equitable society. Administrative accountability implies system of control internal to the government including civil service standards and incentives, ethical codes and administrative reviews UN [13] At the level of society, there is need to promote communication between citizens based groups and community members.

While political scientists have traditionally ascribed the function of interest articulation to political parties, such parties are not always strong in developing countries, and even where they are strong, they do not always represent the interests of the poor.

What are civil society organizations? Some of these measures could include, but not limited to; Aggressive informing educating the registered voters on the importance of exercising their voting powers through the media and other means of publicity. In his words, "in almost all democracies, civil society as the conscience of the society though the various instrument of advocacy, the pride of social change, public accountability and good governance.

Agency for Grass root Development. Being the realm of capitalist interests, there is a possibility of conflicts and inequalities within it. The panacea should be that CSOs should accept that partnership is a more useful tool in their dealings with government.

However, a synergy should be grossly encouraged between civil society organisations and other international and government institutions and parastatals in the pursuit of sustainable democracy, even in the electoral process. CSOs play the critical role in mobilizing social capital.

Thus their participation in the budget debate skews choices away from what is best for the country. There is the knotty challenge of revenue allocation among the three tiers of government verging on the operation of an equitable fiscal federalism Issues of Federal Character concerning federal character in key government appointments and distribution of federal projects.

She goes further to say that "the civil society organisation could meaningfully contribute to environmental governance by focusing attention on issues which could inform and alert citizens on environmental crimes, thereby increasing the quality of public compliance to environmental policies and regulations".

It was also revealed that most of the loans obtained by the previous administration were dead-weight loans, which were used in a frivolous manner and not for the execution of development projects. CSOs need also to build capacity for monitoring how local operators of donor programmes utilize donor fund.Journal of the Society for Peace Studies and Practice () pp 14 Journal of the Society for Peace Studies and Practice () pp The point we are trying to make here is that in all stages in the democratic life of Nigeria, civil society have always been in the struggle to ensure good governance in line with democratic.

civil society organisations in nigeria: contextualization The concept of civil society is today not just a major analytical paradigm but a major force and factor in the politics of Africa.

To this end, we recommend that the civil society can play their role in Nigerian democracy and be more effective if they maintain a high degree of independence from the government.

Keywords: Civil Society, Democratic Governance, Nigeria. Sixth, civil society is an arena for the expression of diverse interests, and one role for civil society organizations is to lobby for the needs and concerns of their members, as women, students, farmers, environmentalists, trade unionists, lawyers, doctors, and so on.


The impacts of civil society on democracy in any society are enormous. In Nigeria, civil society is indisputable fact of the nation’s democracy. The installation of democratic governance in Nigeria was largely in part associated with the civil societies’ activities.

The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Promoting Good Governance Within the context of a democratic society, civil society constitutes a strong pillar as a defender of rights, protector of liberties, and all paraphernalia of good governance.

The main objective of the CSI is to assess the state of civil society in Nigeria in order to.

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Role civil society democratic sustainance nigeria
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