Michael jordan and kobe bryant essay

The Los Angeles Lakers won three championships in row with Kobe and Shaq leading the team in, and A couple years later Kobe bounced back from this obstacle by winning two championships in a row.

Scouts from the NBA and colleges began taking in interest in him and he became a star. The three championships sparked his superstardom in the NBA and it changed his life forever.

Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan Comparison

Now tell me, what other basketball player could you even begin to compare Kobe Bean Bryant to? Kobe has faced many obstacles in his life, endured many events, he has shown the world how special he could really be, and last of all he has impacted our world today.

He has done enough so that Michael jordan and kobe bryant essay is even compared to Michael Jordan, the greatest NBA player of all time. Various qualities and accomplishments are what make Kobe Bryant disparate from the rest.

Kobe Bryant faced many obstacles in his life that lead him to his legendary legacy. Both on and off the court Kobe makes a major impact on people and culture. He has taken the world like a storm revolutionizing it in many aspects. Kobe is one of the most hated players in the NBA because of his success and greatness.

The team was now his.

Kobe Bryant

It is like he is god-like compared to the rest of the players. This accomplishment was his most significant because he won the championship as the number one player on his team.

Kobe has also made an impact in the clothing business. After the case Kobe changed his number and had a new outlook towards the game that led him to success.

This complication tarnished his reputation that made his fans; players and many others dislike him. He never seems to finish a game without leaving the crowd transfixed.

He studied his dad and attempted to mimic all of his moves. It also established him as one of the greatest of all time because he has now won five NBA titles in total. At the end of high school Kobe decided to go straight into the NBA because he was familiar and had an advantage with the life of an NBA player.

Growing up Kobe learned to love the game of basketball because of his father, who would take him to all of his practices and games. Many try to mimic many of his moves and lifestyle which makes him that much more intriguing.

Kobe went to almost every practice and game with his father and began to hone his skills. First of all, all of his accomplishments alone make him special. Many people say what separates him the most is his work ethic, will to win, and his style of play.

But his greatness also brings harsh critics, many haters.Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan Comparison Head-to-head comparison between the NBA stars Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant that includes championships won, honors and awards obtained, regular season and playoffs stats and other data put side by side.

Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James Michael Jordan, in his prime, was thought of as one of the greatest basketball champions of all time. A shooting guard, standing at six-six, Jordan was able to out play anyone in his position.

Compare and Contrast of Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant Everyone always argues about who’s the best NBA player between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Both of these superstars are fascinating and exciting players to watch on the basketball court. Kobe Bryant, the now controversial basketball prodigy started from humble beginnings.

Born in Philadelphia, and raised in Rieti, Italy, Kobe always had a passion for basketball. His father, Joe "Jelly Bean Joe" Bryant, played professional basketball all over the states and in Europe. His father's /5(3). Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are two of the greatest basketball players to ever live.

The way they play the game is memorizing. These two athletes are very extraordinary, though only one can be called the greatest of all time. Lebron Versus Jordan Essay; Lebron Versus Jordan Essay. Words May 21st, 5 Pages. Michael Jordan versus Lebron James Some try and compare today’s superstar athletes such as LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant with the great Michael Jordan, but I am here to tell you that is impossible.

Jordan changed the game and made it what it is today.

Michael jordan and kobe bryant essay
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