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This can stimulate the thought and an opportunity to deepen knowledge. The collective body of knowledge offered by employees of the organizations has emerged as a key point of differentiation, providing a foundation upon which the quality of products and services can be improved Balthazard and Cooke, ; Jashapara, ; Andrade et al.

To document experience, for example business schools use Knowledge management project thesis studies or some knowledge repositories provide knowledge in the form of bullet points and so on. The people independent of their position and field of expertise can electronically propose their solutions for the problem.

In the organization after each stage the knowledge map is updated. Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank the editor-in-chief Mr. So resources which are distinctive and difficult to transfer are required Grant, According to the above mentioned importance of experience and the fact that Knowledge is reusable Basili and Rombach, ; a well-built KM model should have a mechanism for dealing with this critical element.

In recent years, knowledge is being considered as a critical organizational resource Carneiro, ; Alavi and Leidner, ; Drucker, and is known as the foundation for stable development Allameh et al.

After a comprehensive literature review and case studies the above discussed pointsa KMS has been designed and applied in our organization with satisfactory results.

Oxford University Press Nonaka, I. That is in this part of the KMS; knowledge is saved in paper and book formats and is accessible to everyone. On the basis of this point in this paper the conceptual model of a successful and currently applied KMS is presented and discussed.

The main contribution of the paper is presenting the model in its useful and practical status without becoming involved in theoretical discussions that have different shapes but similar meanings.

Framing and advancing the state of the field. How organizations manage what they know. Collectivism Openness to environment Non-formalized ways of communication Communication important for people to possessing information. High tolerance of uncertainty Full use of possessed knowledge Workers focus on the use of information and knowledge productively.

The projects results are documented electronically and continuously according to our data base system.

Although this wide range of works has many positive points but can hinder the field from more efficient development Bontis, As can be seen in the above model all of the important elements of KM according to the literature including creating, capturing, sharing, distributing, leveraging and archiving knowledge into absolute value for the organization are covered.

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This allows workers to exchange experiences and ideas between them. This participation can enhance the sense of responsibility in every employee making decision made Focus on people Low power distance Leadership strengthening learning processes Employers should encourage workers to participate in discussions, ask questions of the problems that is unclear and listen to them carefully.

Knowledge management almost at every stage to strengthen the decision-making process by providing information about current and prospective customers.

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Harper Business Grant, R. Pro-innovation Trust Trust involves a relationship between the organization and workers. Applying the developed KM models is difficult because of the fact that knowledge is intangible and it involves delicate managerial works. Pro-innovation High professional competences of people working for organization Knowledge acquires significance when co-operation are professional competence and trainings of workers are treated as investment Pro-innovation Status based on achievements Striving after perfection, professionalism When workers possessing specific knowledge and professional in an organization, they tend to have a higher sense of confidence, make rational choices, high self-esteem and having professional aspirations.

By expressing experiences via narratives, less experienced managers can understand not only how to solve a problem, but also why the solution works.

This knowledge sharing also faced some barriers and motivator either especially in online learning. All the permitted people according to the information protection policies of the organization can see them. Whenever the problem is solved, it will be added as knowledge to the system with the asker and responder names; while both of them will benefit from it until their created knowledge is referred by others.

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Knowledge management

Essay UK - http: Longman Publishing Group Call, D. The management has to make strategic decisions, concentrating on customers need and satisfying them. It is proven that knowledge sharing can give high impact to organization innovation. The factors are management leadership and support; culture; information technology; strategy and purpose; measurement; organizational infrastructure; processes and activities; motivational aids; resources; training and education; and human resources management.

High tolerance of uncertainty Pro-innovation Difference of opinions Disagreement between the workers may become the basis for discussion of the problems in different viewpoints.

Ultimately, students were satisfied with their overall learning experience. Milad JasemiMorteza Piri In this paper after a review on the concept and literature of knowledge management, the conceptual model of a successful knowledge management system that is currently being applied in a research and development organization is presented and discussed.

Steffen Doberstein for his extremely helpful comments on this paper and finally the two anonymous referees for their precious contributions. Software project managers for example often interact with each other to address problems rather than relying on a formal knowledge repository Newell, or managers often prefer telephone calls, meetings, and other personal interactions to obtain information that is timely and often undocumented Mintzberg, Knowledge Management.

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Introduction. Knowledge includes data, information and experience (Chen, ). Knowledge management defined by Forcier & Rathi () and Singh () as a process of identifying, creating, capturing, organising, storing, representing and reusing knowledge resulting in the creation of new knowledge.

Summary Of Knowledge And Knowledge Management Management Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd knowledge could be the new ideas, the result of the research and development project or experiences.

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At this time, the knowledge just only exists in tacit form and it is hard to share with the others. Knowledge Management creates. Hi there, Since this is for your thesis project, I would recommend you to check out some online journal like jstor etc. However, you should also get a hands on experience of solution, so you should try ProProfs Knowledgebase Software.

Application at the Initial Project Stages Master of Science Thesis in the Master’s Programme International Project Management GAGANDEEP SINGH Keywords – Project Management, Knowledge Management, Information Management, Risk Management, International organizations, Information, Knowledge, and Risks.

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Knowledge Management Practices in a Successful Research and Development Organization Juni von Dr. Milad Jasemi, Morteza Piri. In this paper after a review on the concept and literature of knowledge management, the conceptual model of a successful knowledge management system that is currently being applied in a research and development organization is presented and discussed.

Knowledge management project thesis
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