Interclean management behavior memo essay

There are many forms of diversity, some more easily to recognize than others. Buhler stated ways to avoid miscommunication, which can be utilized during this crucial time: With all management support in the areas of management behavior and communication, teamwork within a diverse atmosphere, and employment laws, the integration of Enviro Tech employees should proceed without problematic issues.

I wish it to be known I am available as a resource for the management team in regards to any questions any manager may have.

Employment Laws Ethical and lawful behavior has always been expected at this company; however, it is especially important now. This leads me into the area of communication. Diversity can also be of the physical body or psychosocial characteristics, such as race, age, gender, ethnic variations, or sexual orientation Yukl, Apollo Library Buhler, P.

Journal of Property Management 18 1. A knowledgeable manager will be better equipped to lead a productive department. Managing in the new millennium.

This merger will place the company in the lead of the global market. Management-employee relations benefit from agreement; however, if messages are to be correctly conveyed within a conversation, understanding needs to be present.

The diverse atmosphere will create a great benefit for InterClean, Inc. Diversity can be of the mind or in circumstance, as in education accomplishments or socio-economical background. For our company to lead in the global market, we will need productive, engaged employees who have taken the initiative from management examples.

All managers need to understand the importance of fair employee treatment; this includes both potential employees and existing employees. To be understood, make your conversation a two way street.

SuperVision, 70 7 I am asking all leaders to take a proactive approach and seek answers to your own questions before the need to answer employee questions arises.

Managers must remain professional and evaluate individual employees on grounds of capability for performance and job requirements, not cultural difference. This memorandum is for you, as managers, to understand how to be prepared to adapt to the challenges of the merger, especially in regards to three specific areas: Better teamwork among employees can be accomplished by embracing diversity within the workplace.

Communication between managers and employees needs to be open on both sides to avoid misunderstanding Brecher, Teamwork within a Diverse Atmosphere Teamwork is not only crucial for success during the normal workday, but it is also needed for challenging and exciting plans for our company.

Management Behavior Memo

Managers form the cornerstone for productive employees. Diversity within our company as we advance to the global market will give us an advantage as we embrace this new challenge. Effective communication between management and employees, both seasoned and new employees, should have a goal of mutual understanding.

Managers also need to sharpen communication skills and be able to perform in an environment consisting of a variety of cultural backgrounds. Perhaps the celebration of these outstanding companies is because employee behavior can be greatly affected by management behavior.Interclean Envirotech Merger Memo Essay InterClean–EnviroTech Connye Harper Interoffice Memo TO: Sales Management Team FROM: RE: According to Barker (), salesperson's behavior is influenced by three groups of antecedents.

Running Head: MANAGEMENT BEHAVIOR MEMO Management Behavior Memo SDS University of Phoenix October 25, October 25, Memorandum TO: All First Level Managers FROM: SDS, Manager RE: Management Behavior The CEO has announced InterClean, Inc.

has officially acquired EnviroTech, placing 60 employees. Management Behavior on InterClean-EnviroTech Merger The current essay has the intention to briefly analyze the merger situation between the two companies InterClean and EnviroTech, after the acquisition of the latter from the former organization.

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Management Behavior Management Behavior I am about to write this essay about the merger between InterClean, Inc.

and Enviro Tech, Inc. Management Behavior Memo University of Phoenix Memorandum February 2, To: Eric. Management Behavior Memo InterClean provides the sanitations products to customers. The purpose of writing this memo is to address the importance of a manager’s behavior that involves the merger of InterClean with EnviroTech.

Interclean management behavior memo essay
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