How to write a jazz flute solo

I recommend writing out chords above empty bars for the whole solo before you begin writing four bars to a line.

How To Create the Perfect Solo: A Lesson With Herbie Hancock

Maybe you choose a certain melodic cell or descending arpeggio and try it out. I started playing flute when I quit the business to get an advanced degree in philosophy. In our case the intervals are locked chromatically so it is a chromatic plane.

It is the shape of the line, the combination of chord and non-chord tones, the rhythm or a combination of all of these? It is the same concept as in four part chorale writing. This can be justified as a tritone substitution, but there is a much easier way to think of this example.

Whistle tones Whistle tones by soundandmusic Microtones The standard flute has a limited number of reliable quarter-tone fingerings, and approximate fingerings for the remaining pitches. The pitch is approximately a seventh lower than the written fingering.

Solo repertoire for piccolo has expanded dramatically, and the alto and bass flute, once only played as borrowed instruments on rare occasions, have come into their own with a fast-growing repertoire.

You can vary everything else and still keep the function intact. Be aware that sustained air sounds use up a lot of air, especially on alto and bass flute, and may require frequent breaths. This is particularly true of notes in the high register, since the bigger instruments have fewer high harmonics in the sound.

Jazz & Blues - Flute

These alternative fingerings can sometimes cause changes in timbre, and depend on the ear of the player for precise intonation.

We can, however, make things a little more interesting. A trick to remember is that when the tonic or temporary tonic chord is minor, you can nearly always use a flat 9 on the V chord before it.

This gives a softer, some might say older, sound. In the next two measures however, he alters it, emphasizing the Gb as the b5 on the C-7 b5 and the b9 on the F7 chord.

How do you do a jigsaw?

Composing for Flutes

This prevents the major 7th from rubbing against the tonic at the top of the voicing. I find the minor 6 chord underused these days. The next note to add is the 9th. The only changes I would make would be to move the top string part to the melody at the end of the phrases.

The 3rd and 7th in our D7 chord are F and C. By taking as long we like to come up with a good solo, we are spending considerable time consciously applying the principles of good solo construction. Quotes from the tune, or playing close to the melody and quotes from other tunes and solos.More flute players are performing and recording jazz and a lot of flute players would like to learn how improve their jazz playing.

I want this forum to be a place where we can ask questions and offer suggestions. Introduction. This is the first part in a series of articles where I will explain how to take a simple melody and turn it into a jazz tune, complete with appropriate harmony, voicing, bass part, and notation for a session or performance.

Jazz & Blues - Flute sheet music - Flute sheet music by Jack Long: Hal Leonard. Softcover flute solo book and online audio.

Free Jazz Flute Sheet Music

With standard notation and chord names. 31 pages. Hal Leonard #HL I wish they would give you some hints on how to do the jazz embellishments on flute, though.

Or a way to write with questions.I don't know 5/5(18). Aug 26,  · The other reason not to precompose with the aim of reproducing the solo verbatim is to take the pressure off yourself. It’s much easier to compose music in the spirit of interested exploration than feeling that you have to come up with a work of art against the clock.

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How to write a jazz flute solo
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