How can music be an influence

Over the last thirty years, violent juvenile crime has jumped by more that five hundred percent United States Senate, Committee on Governmental Affairs Let the Spirit be your guide, and when you have doubts about the music you are listening to or the circumstances you are in, have the courage to act so the Spirit can remain with you.

Till recently no studies showed cause and effect relationship between music and lyrical content influencing behavior. The average American teen spends far more time listening to music than listening to mom or dad.

How does classical music have an influence on people? Kids should be aware of the negative effects that music can bring, as well as the positive effects.

Since teenagers spend four to five hours a day listening to or watching music videos, I believe that music will in some way influence them. Yet there is some music that communicates harmful health messages, especially when it reaches a vulnerable audience.

The Baroque Period was around the time of Bach and others. The lyrics are sometimes hard to understand and open to interpretation. The music became less rigid slightly so the emotions people feel are generally more exaggerated.

If we are upset or down about something, and we then listen to one of our favorite, up-beat, more happy songs. Scratching is dragging a phonograph needle across a record. The anti-social themes common in popular music have compelled some adults to rally against it, especially heavy metal and rap.

If teens are spending more time tuned into music, they are spending less time with their parents. How does music influence young people?

The average young viewer is exposed to fourteen thousand sexual references each year, yet only a handful provide an accurate portrayal of responsible sexual behavior or accurate information about birth control, abstinence, or the risks of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases American Academy of Pediatrics, Committee on Public Education The average American teen is spending more time alone with music, with less parental oversight and involvement.

The lyrics contain references to sex, drug use, suicide, Satanism, and other violence.

What music influences people?

I am not emphasizing any type of censorship, but I am emphasizing some type of responsibility or citizenship. See parents cant stpo what chilldren listen too. We need the Holy Ghost with us at all times. Marketing documents for thirteen explicit content labeled recording included plans for extensive advertising in the most popular teen venues in television, radio, print, and online media Federal Trade Commission, December In a study done by Harvard University, five-hundred and eighteen videos were examined.

What is the influence of jazz on music today? However, to the trained ear it can provide many emotions, but in controlled, structured amounts.

The Influence of Music

They are tooworried about, "oh is it safe to listen to? At particular events, music can even be used to strengthen or weaken emotions.

The Influence of music on young people?When listening to music, people can hear the happiness in someones voice, making them happier, same goes for "angry music" afecting there moods in negative ways.

When listening to music the lyrics and sound can effect people in different ways This is a example of how music influences people to do random things Music can mean many things to people, it could mean entertainment, insparational, and. The negative influences, it can be bad by listening to the rock music because it is much easier to bring in drugs and violent to the society.

On the other hand, for the pop music, it could help people to gain confidence and also motivated a person to seek their dream out. Music has the potential to be a major influence in a child's life.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average child listens to more than 2 1/2 hours of music daily.

Music does not necessarily pose problems for teenagers who live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Does Music and Lyrical Content Influence Human Behavior? By Kevin C. Liljequist. Music wakes us up in the morning, makes us want to dance, soothes us when we are feeling sad, and gets on some folks nerves in the elevator.

For the Strength of Youth teaches that “music has a profound effect on your mind, spirit, and behavior.” Music can enrich your life in so many ways, but it can also be dangerous. President Thomas S. Monson said: “Music can help you draw closer to your Heavenly Father.

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How can music be an influence
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