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Charles W Hoyle Jr. There are initiatives that are lined up to be released for testing. The house owners therefore rent out numerous rooms to migrants.

So they turn to a resale market to buy a flat instead. Four main issues are found to be the causes for homelessness: Shelter is the basic human requirement.

In mid s, a law was enacted to allow the privately owned housing to be made available to the low income earners so as to allow them to lease those houses. The government has now started focusing on providing housing facilities but has not thought much about solving problems that are connected with human settlements, such as the problems of improving and managing the civic services, constructing inexpensive houses and conserving energy and recycling waste.

Analysts said that this might not be because buyers are staying away, but because there is a short supply of resale flats in the market. This scheme was started in the year to give financial assistance to the state governments and local bodies for improving the slum areas.

The policy makers did a rather good job in policy formulation but they also did not do an in-depth analysis of how the situation would be many years to come. They were to offer loans to the citizens to help them rebuilt their lives as they purchased new homes and repaid the mortgages.

While on the road to work or school, shelters do not matter so much till the time when one needs to be asleep and resting or doing things indoor, then do shelters become a necessity. Also introduction of new product in the market is no longer forthcoming as the few resources that are being allocated to that department for research and implementation of their findings.

Many households in urban areas have to cope with increasingly crowded conditions, although this is certainly not true for everyone. Housing is a basic need for every person on the face of the earth.

Board of Housing and Community Development

Apartments also come in handy as people can be able to buy an apartment as their homes. The Housing and Urban Development HUD has for many years done a great deal of work in try to solicit for funds and new methods to build more housing units.

They do not have access to ancestral residential land. The other problem that is threatening the housing industry is the mismanagement in the local housing agencies. Fair housing Equal opportunity for all available at: This scheme was started in to provide houses on rent to the state government employees.

The kind of policies that were laid down had many loopholes as they were focused on dealing with immediate problems but they did not have long term plans for the urban areas. This is a big draw back to the housing industries as the people who are entrusted to be the custodians of the houses mismanage them in an effort to edify themselves at the expense of the people they are supposed to be serving.

Essay on Housing Problems in Urban Areas (1683 Words)

This is lower than the annual RPI growth of This scheme was started in Septemberto provide houses to the labourers who worked before and The government has not always had an easy sailing as they have had lapses here and there.

This however was not to overrule the previous Act of preference to the elderly. This means a 20 per cent increase quarter-on-quarter. But this scheme did not succeed much because of the lack of cooperation of mill owners.

Their main work was to test selective intervention methods that were on offer, in their design so as to be able to achieve enduring neighborhood changes.

The policy makers also come up with new proposals that are aimed at finding partners who come on board and help in financing as well as offer more ideas that are later implemented after they are found viable.

In addition to this, the initiatives within the context of the plan are backed up with relevant research background.

Housing & Development Board Analysis

The government has also introduced some schemes to curb the housing problem. Some poor households of the original population also live in very crowded dwellings for two other reasons.Housing and Urban Development Essay Sample.

Pages: 10; Word count: 2,; The policy makers did a rather good job in policy formulation but they also did not do an in-depth analysis of how the situation would be many years to come.

Department of Housing and Urban Development. Essay on Housing Problems in Urban Areas! Shelter is the basic human requirement. Even after 57 years of independence, the country is still grappling with the growing shelter problem, especially of the poor.

The problem has further been compounded by the rapid increase in urban population. Constant. Free analysis essay example on Housing policy.

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Housing policy analysis Essay

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Housing development board analysis essay
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