Guest speaker reflection

Foley providing his honest answers in return. Connecting my students to the real world was an invaluable experience. For example, she expressed herself through physical touch and her family did not. However, this form of communication can often times be very beneficial and effective.

Given that we were so far Guest speaker reflection, Skype was the answer. I was also able to teach preschoolers in my high school.

Reflections on a (Virtual) Guest Speaker Visit to my Chemistry Class

The other educators that spoke to us really gave me a different perspective on what it means to be an educator. Looking for an organic chemist interested in outreach to my grade 10 chemistry class re: As a class, we had been working on questions we could ask him, so he started by answering these questions.

Recognizing that there are many different forms of communication will enable us to better understand each other. Teaching preschoolers was like a whole new world, because they already knew so little.

Education is so broad, and we can do whatever we want with it and still feel the same rewarding opportunities. The AACT can help facilitate the connection between chemistry teachers and chemists in industry and academia. Obviously, this can lead to confusion, offense, and distance. I love the idea of teaching young students the fundamentals of education and beginning their educational career.

Use chemistry or realtimechemistry as hashtags in your search for a guest speaker. The topics were quite varied, but the students were struck by Dr. One of my hopes for the AACT is the creation of a guest-speaker network.

This connection made the concept much more relevant and worthy of learning.

Growing up, she was part of a strictly religious sect whose values were enforced in her home. Our guest speaker communicates through physical touch, but my most effective communication tool is listening.

What the classroom teachers had to say about teaching was really encouraging. In terms of pragmatics, during his Skype visit I asked my students to join me in a backchannel discussion on Twitter curated here using Storify using our class hashtag MT4P.

Some people use physical touch to express love and appreciation. One additional benefit for the students was seeing the real-world application of something they had just learned about: Their professions were very much so a part of school and helping the school to function without being directly in the classroom.Reflection Paper.

their hearts and the result is a beautiful, flowing sound that is original and unique. Every one of our footprints on this life is like that. Career Day Suggested List of Question To Ask Guest Speakers Questions of General Interest 1.

Guest Speaker Reflections

Why did you. Guest Speaker protocol: Keep in mind that a guest speaker has taken their time to travel and present information to you that they think would be beneficial.

Casa Youth Shelter is a nonprofit organization located in Los Alamitos, California providing emergency temporary shelter for homeless, runaway and abandoned youth. CTE Guest Speaker – Student Reflection Form Use this sheet to take notes during the speaker’s presentation, then record your responses online at.

I'd never had a guest speaker blog about the class visit before, so this was yet another new experience for me and my students. Given that I've asked my students to blog, I was quite pleased with this development as it showed them a real-world example of blogging as a reflective tool.

Guest speaker reflection
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