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But he also wrote two piano concertos and three sonatas. Bach took a one-month leave in to study with the renowned Danish-born German organist and composer Dietrich Buxtehude, who was then staying in Lubeck.

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Antonio Vivaldi Italian Baroque composer and violin virtuoso continues to be admired throughout the globe for his works, especially for his instrumental concertos for violin.

Other notable works by Beethoven include Sonata No. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Austrian composer Famous composer essay his contemporaries already as a child. Other works include operas, sacred choral music, symphonies, sonatas and chamber music.

Chopin is also credited with the invention of the instrumental ballade and several musical innovations.

He was and still is admired worldwide for the novelty of his works which, however, also caused a great deal of controversy in his time. This is because personality shows a direct relationship to inspiration and musical works.

Brahms was a reserved person and displayed elements of conservative principles. At this time Bach moved to Ohrdruf to study with his brother, Johann Christoph. Mozart composed more than works in all music genres known in his time. This can be attested by the fact that his works leaned towards conservative classical music.

InBach married his second cousin, Maria Barbara Bach. In total, Vivaldi composed more that concertos of which more than half are for solo instruments and strings, mainly for violin. Brahms was a calm person whose mastery of music was immensely great.

This made him famous and had an influence on many people.

He and his new wife then moved to Mulhausen so he could be the organist for a church there, but brought him back to Weimer. This greatly affected him, in that his music was not as widely known as other composers of the time.

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Some of his best works including the 9th symphony were created after he became almost completely deaf. Igor Stravinsky Russian born French and then American composer, conductor and pianist is one of the most outstanding and influential 20th century composers.

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Fortunately, Bach was too highly respected to be dismissed from his position. Ludwig van Beethoven German composer and pianist was the most outstanding figure in the transition between Classical and Romantic periods, and one of the most famous classical music composers of all times.

Born to a family that produced at least 53 prominent musicians within seven generations, Bach received his first musical instrument from his father. No exception to this is Johann Sebastian Bach, whose impact on music is unforgettable to say the least.

Bach returned as an His works — La Boheme, Tosca, Madama Butterfly, Il trittico and Turandot are indeed masterpieces and are among the most widely performed operas in the standard repertoire.Music Composers essay writing service, custom Music Composers papers, term papers, free Music Composers samples, research papers, help I have selected Johannes Brahms as a music composer because I like classical music.

In addition, Johannes Brahms is an interesting and insightful music composer who introduces us into the. Save Essay ; View my Saved Essays ; Downloads: 15; Grade The career that I chose was a musical composer.

The reason I chose this career is because I have an obsession with music. For example your music may wound up in a famous artists song. Also, becoming a famous composer may result in a millions made from one hit-single.

If you 3/5(2). Composers Essay. The History of Music. Words | 8 Pages. not catch with many during the middle ages, but would later influence a flood of composers during the Renaissance. He is known for being the most famous composer of the classical and romantic periods of music.

According to the “Enjoyment of Music” manual, Beethoven. Free essay on Biography of Famous Composer Johann Sebastian Bach available totally free at ultimedescente.com, the largest free essay community.

This was the world that Clara Wieck (who would later marry the famous composer, Robert Schumann) was born into. [tags: Famous Composer, Musical World] This essay will discuss his achievements as a pianist as well as a composer. This essay will examine his life and will examine what influenced him at an early age.

It will also look at his. Free Essay: George Frideric Handel, the Famous Composer George Frideric Handel was born in Halle, Germany, on February 23, He died in London on April.

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