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A controlled breeding program should be selected which is appropriate for the existing circumstances and management practices. The induced abortion is normally uncomplicated and the fetus and placenta are usually expelled about days after injection with the reproductive tract returning to normal soon after the abortion.

Termination Of Abnormal Pregnancy: At 50 and times the recommended dose of cloprostenol mild side effects may be detected. Treatment with estroPLAN at any stage of gestation will usually result in luteolysis and expulsion of the mummified fetus from the uterus.

Normal cyclical activity usually follows. A second injection of estroPLAN should be given 11 days following the first injection.

Controlled Breeding estroPLAN can be used in a number of treatment regimens to synchronize the estrous cycle and ovulation of groups of cows. For therapeutic indications and controlled breeding: Animals not inseminated should receive a second injection 11 days after the first injection.

Induction of luteolysis with estroPLAN usually results in evacuation of the uterus and a return to normal cyclical activity. With a single injection program it may be desirable to assess the cyclicity status of the herd before estroPLAN treatment.

Store in product carton. Pregnant animals may abort depending on the stage of gestation. This can be accomplished by heat detecting and breeding at the usual time following detection of estrus for a six day period, all prior to injection.

Accidental spillage on the skin should be washed off immediately with water. Pyometra Or Chronic Endometritis Damage to the reproductive tract at calving or post partum retention of the placenta often leads to infection and inflammation of the uterus endometritis.

Storage Protect from light. The luteolytic action of estroPLAN can be utilized to manipulate the estrous cycle to better fit certain management practices, to terminate pregnancies resulting from mismating and to treat certain conditions associated with prolonged luteal function.

Treated animals should be closely observed post injection and appropriate antibiotic therapy initiated at the first sign s of infection. In case of accidental self-injection, seek medical advice and show the package insert to the doctor.

In animals with prolonged luteal function pyometra, mummified fetus the induced luteolysis usually results in resolution of the condition and return to cyclicity. The presence of an anatomically normal, nonpregnant reproductive tract, ovarian cyclical activity and the presence of a mature corpus luteum should be determined by rectal palpation prior to estroPLAN administration.

Keep out of reach of children. No milk withholding time is required in cattle when used according to label.

estroPLAN Injection (Canada)

Many animals will come into estrus following the first injection. A low incidence of clostridial and other infections at the injection site has been reported following prostaglandin administration.

These included increased uneasiness, mild transient diarrhea, slight frothing and milk letdown. This may not be the case in herds in which there are many first calvers, late calvers or cows in poor condition.

Very rarely, anaphylactic reactions have occurred after the administration of the product. Should respiratory distress result from accidental inhalation or injection, the inhalation of a rapidly acting bronchodilator is indicated.

Action estroPLAN causes rapid regression of the functional corpus luteum in cattle. Mummified Fetus Fetal death may result in the mummification of the fetus in utero. Any controlled breeding program recommended should be completed by either: This product should be handled carefully to avoid accidental self-injection or contact with the skin or mucous membranes of the user.

Those animals can be inseminated at the usual time following detected estrus. In the cycling animal there are refractory periods of 4 to 5 days before and after ovulation when cattle are not responsive to PGs. Adverse Reactions As with other products in this class, when used for induction of parturition, the incidence of retained placenta may be increased depending on the time of treatment.

Clean and disinfect injection sites thoroughly before application. The presence of ovarian cyclical activity should be determined by rectal palpation of a normal corpus luteum prior to estroPLAN administration.European Regional Policy Research Consortium (EoRPA) Research Papers.

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Estroplan research papers

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Estroplan research papers
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