Deadly decisions essay

To further complicate matters, Tempe encounters disturbing news in her personal life. In the course of the police investigation into those responsible for the latest violence, the police uncover information about some past murders connected to a local motorcycle gang.

In addition, it seems Kit has developed an acute interest in motorcycles and motorcycle gang culture as well as having acquired a minor criminal record.

In the novel Deadly Decisions, Dr. Throughout much of the novel she tries in vain to contact Ryan to get his side of the story.

She is Deadly decisions essay during an exchange of gunfire between rival motorcycle gangs, with the battle also involving a premature bomb detonation.

Deadly Decisions Summary & Study Guide

The discovery of yet another child victim deeply troubles Tempe, who has a history of working child tragedies. The novel opens after the death of an innocent young girl. In telling the story, Tempe brings both her knowledge as a scientist and her dark sense of humor to the narrative.

She learns that her romantic interest, Detective Andrew Ryan, has been arrested for criminal activity, including drug trafficking and possession of stolen property.

This hardship is one Tempe has to bear alone, since she has no one else with which to share her pain. In fact, he most often completely ignores Tempe. Tempe learns far more about outlaw biker culture than she ever wanted to know, and soon she herself is a target of "les motards," criminal bikers.

Two colleagues in particular present cause for annoyance to Tempe. She is often also at odds with her colleagues. Tempe and the police uncover more than they expect when, in addition to the remains of two adults, they also find the remains of yet another young girl.

Deadly decisions

This section contains words approx. Detective Claudel consistently treats Tempe with disdain, and his partner Constable Quickwater rarely treats Tempe in any fashion.

In her effort to track down the killers, she travels from Montreal to North Carolina to gain evidence. The regular obstacles facing a scientist trying to draw clues from old bones is not the only adversity Tempe faces at work.

Tempe is called in to direct the excavation of some old gravesites.Deadly Decisions was a difficult story to really get into.

Kathy Reichs introduced a number of characters at the beginning making the book rather confusing. She also used a lot of scientific vocabulary that was challenging to understand.

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Deadly decisions essay
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