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My mentor responded and said that ProctorU was having major technology issues and the software that graded the tests was broken, and they could manually Proctor U pull the score and grade it, but said individual was in a "meeting.

So after ten minutes of anxious waiting, the proctor finally response, apologetic that her access code did not work. She exits the app and we try once more. Everything goes smoothly, I am picking up the right answers to the questions for the most part, Cmo1 wgu as I am working on a question, the software logs me off claiming "The internet connection has been interrupted, you will be logged out and have to log back in.

You only need to redownload it once! I then finish the test around 1 hr and 55 minutes after I started, about 1 hour and ten minutes were from technical difficulties. I remember, because I looked at my watch to check.

I went back to my course of study for CMO1, to see the test results and they did not show up. I then learned this morning that the assessment department could not retrieve my score, so I have scheduled to retake CMO1 on this Thursday at It was now around An hour later, they did not show up, so I emailed my mentor.

If I am unsuccessful at the test, my mentor is petitioning to not have this test count against the multiple attempts policy, given how horrific it went. I did not know that, so I downloaded it once, but I thought it was a software that would integrate with Safari.


So I get into the exam finally, it is now around So we go back, and she downloads the app multiple times. It had me set up the camera, then install the plugin, which the instructions seemed to indicate was a applet for the browser.

This time, it fails to load and I am locked into the browser app which has failed to load. Fair enough, I offered to find it.

She had me do the verification, which I typed in my name and full address. She expected it to be in my downloads folder and it was on the desktop. Plus I have already figured out what areas I believe I missed. I opened the start now, and it led me to a screen with instructions on getting ProctorU up and running.

So we open the. Then we downloaded their browser application, and she had remote control at this point and could not find it.

It rejected it once, so I typed it in again and it rejected it.

This is the last class in my Accounting degree, then I am finished! I contacted my mentor afterwards, who then forwarded my story up the channels. That was the last time it quit. My Cmo1 wgu then came up after a couple of minutes.

It was really a separate application to allow communication with a proctor. We go into the app again and I am finally back in the exam.

Yet again, about 20 minutes later it disconnected me from the exam, and we restart the app and I am back into the exam. So, yet again, we quit the app! After a couple of times, I figured it out and opened it up.This is a university made for Cmo1 wgu new kind of student.

At WGU, our focus is on the success of our students and our graduates. What kind of university will give the busy adult student of the 21st century—unique, dedicated, and driven—the best chance for success?

Does anyone have the assessment questions for WGU’s CMO1, CGC1 and AUO1 Blog describing one student's experience at Western Governors University The assessment is WGU's "This is a multiple-answer test designed to measure Related searches for cgc1 wgu test answers WGU Test Answers cgc1 wgu test answers - Bing.

WGU JGT Task #1 Essay To be successful in an expanding world market, Shuzworld must be innovative in addressing challenges using sound management principles and decision analysis to determine the best options for operations. CMO1 - Concepts in Cost/Managerial Accounting ultimedescente.comal costs can be added in any processing department.

ultimedescente.comal costs are assigned uniformly to all products produced in a single department during the same time period. 3. Journal entries that correctly identify the flow of conversion costs through a process costing system are: 1.

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Cmo1 wgu
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