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As they sit in the nose of the plane surrounded by glass, we see their panoramic view of America: Some of the soldiers, being unable to face and live with their family and friends, try to start a new life elsewhere.

It usually happens for two reasons — because things have changed while he was gone, and also because he has changed.

But I love the film just as much for its uncanniness, which is heightened by its verisimilitude. She seems to have given up any expectation that he will stop drinking, but she refuses to accept it all the same. I dreamed I was home. This ordinariness gives the film its step-through-the-screen immediacy.

The film is often praised for its documentary realism — it was partly shot on location in Midwestern streetscapes and in army airfields, the actors wore little or no makeup and off-the-rack clothes, and Homer was played by a non-professional actor with a real disability.

The film can still be religion as needed, and even elegy. She takes on the task of taking off his prosthetic harness. However, some of the soldiers have returned, their lives have changed forever.

Many people have lost their husbands, fathers, brothers or other loved ones in the battles. Fred briefly regains a flash of old fly boy glamour when he leaps over the soda fountain counter to punch a Nazi sympathizer, but it costs him his job.

Butch is sitting at the piano and drawls, to the accompaniment of soft legato chords: He has seen many terrible things, which only he and his comrades in arms can understand. Such a problem is adequately addressed and portrayed in the film. This unnerving uncanniness is also manifest in many smaller moments of self-estrangement and mistaken identity.

Moreover, he has also adapted to a military lifestyle. It is a challenge for him to be accepted and understood by his relatives. But there is more to the appeal than that. Later, when he goes back to work, he discovers that his time in the infantry has given him a social conscience that makes him unrecognizable, and sometimes unacceptable, to his fat cat bosses at the bank.

She is ready when he is. Unless we have another war. In a scene of utter vulnerability, Homer finally shows Wilma how to disarm him. Divorced, broke, and homeless, Fred decides to stay and work. So when the soldier returns home, he finds things very different.

The Best Years of Our Lives has stayed with me. But then they descend into an airfield ominously crowded with hundreds of warplanes waiting to be scrapped, left behind like bodies on a battlefield, and it starts to seem like going home is actually like a return to combat.

She sits with him and holds him as he sweats and stares and watches his friend dying again before his eyes. Fred, who flew the highest, has the farthest to fall. It may take us years to get anywhere. All three heroes live within the area of the picturesque small town of Boone City fictionally near Cleveland, Ohiopresenting all of the general, diverse situations on the homefront, adjusting seemingly as much as the soldiers themselves.

That is why our forefathers took action and dug out the root of Nazism in Europe, before it could expand and take on a global scale. Meanwhile, on his first night home a drunken Al dances with a wife he is too far gone to recognize.

How many times have we had to fall in love all over again? You look like yourself! Four years ago I watched it with a new friend who was in the midst of a long and courageous struggle, and two years later I read some of its restless, uncanny dialogue at her scattering-of-ashes service: Homer has had to learn how to do everything as if for the first time: Marie refuses to recognize Fred in his civilian clothes, and insists that he change into his uniform when they go out: Had Americans not taken an active role in the war, Nazism might have prevailed and ruled Europe today, which would be a direct danger to our country as well as the rest of the world.

You know, you remind me of my wife.

Best Years of Our Lives, The (1946)

Mostly avoiding close-ups, the film habitually shows its characters arranged in relation to each other, their moments of connection and alienation framed by their friends, family, and environment.

On the one hand, the soldier rests assured that his country is safe.

The Best Years of Our Lives Film Summary & Analysis

As we are reminded again after every war, coming home is rarely simple and often sad. Before the War, he was just a soda jerk from the wrong side of the tracks, but during the war, he was a dashing bomber pilot:In his classic anti-sentimental essay “Everybody’s Protest Novel,” James Baldwin puts The Best Years of Our Lives on a list of infamy alongside Little Women, Gentleman’s Agreement, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

According to Baldwin, they are all failed feel-good liberal art. He is only slightly right. Dec 29,  · "The Best Years of Our Lives" doesn't use verbal or technical pyrotechnics. It trusts entirely in the strength of its story.

One of the sources of its power is the performance by Harold Russell, the handless veteran.4/4.

Coming Home to The Best Years of Our Lives

The release date of The Best Years of Our Lives, directed by William Wyler, certainly the most well known and honored of the movies about World War II returning veterans, would seem to argue that America had less trouble coming to terms with that conflict.

At the popular level, this is true; after all, this was the “good war,” and most. The Best Years of Our LivesThe Best Years of Our Lives is a very good and intriguing movie it is not your typical war movie instead it is a movie that shows you how the soldiers adjusted to life as they became regular citizens.

As the movie depicts ver /5(3). Below is an essay on "Best Years Of Our Lives" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The Best years of our lives In the movie the best years of our lives, William Wyler examines the confusion and turmoil experienced my American military servicemen and their families during the aftermath.

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