Autobiography of a face

Even into adulthood, she admits that her life is on hold as she waits for a new face - the face she deserves - to be achieved by the doctors. Each time her body would eventually absorb transplanted material and sag back in on itself.

Lucy Grealy

In fact, she does not cry until the very last injection, when all the pent-up tears of the preceding two years well up and demand release. High school offered minimal relief.

Autobiography of a Face Summary & Study Guide

Consider the garden-variety cruelty of m At an early age, Lucy Grealy was found to have a rare form of cancer. It may not rank with great memoirs, but is an interesting, thoughtful and engaging one.

In comparison to the psychological pain of events such as this, the physical agonies of cancer treatment seem easy and manageable, almost a vacation. Lucy misses a great deal of school but continues on through college, initially planning to attend medical school but eventually settling for poetry.

She recounts a game where one of the girls at the stable asks each of her companions in turn whether, if a certain boy asked her out, she would go. The book is memorable and moving, offering an inside look at the girl, then woman, behind the face, sometimes behind the mask.

She is aware, even then, that their comments have nothing to do with her, that they are about enabling the boys to appear cool to their friends. Other cruelty is less premeditated. This is a book about identity.

PS - I learned, after reading Autobiography, that Grealy, who had become a successful poet and writer, had suffered an addiction to heroine following her last reconstructive surgery and died of an overdose at age She encourages Lucy to do the same, and Lucy valiantly tries not to cry, feeling a sense of failure whenever she does give in to the emotions or tears.

This section contains words approx. Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Autobiography of a Face study guide and get instant access to the following: She "finds herself" somewhat in college but continues to feel that the lack of a boyfriend and sex, is a gaping hole that makes her life incomplete.

That discovery leads to the surgery that was to cut away part of her jaw and change her self-image forever. It took more than thirty reconstructive procedures before she could come to terms with her appearance.

The fact that she had cancer seemed minor by comparison. A memorable example is the occasion where Grealy revels in the liberation of walking the streets dressed in a Until that time, she had to live with the daily torture of peer rejection and the growing fear of never being loved.

Can you accept who you are, disfigurements and all? She offers a blow-by-blow recounting of her medical trials, accompanied by the emotional turmoil that inevitably resulted. Lucy tells of her years as a hand for Diamond D Stables when she worked with her friend, Stephen.

She has a few months of comparative bliss with the horse before he suddenly dies. Her guidance counselor arranges for her to eat lunch in his office, and every lunchtime from then onward is spent in merciful isolation."I spent five years of my life being treated for cancer, but since then I've spent fifteen years being treated for nothing other than looking different from everyone else.

It was the pain from that, from feeling ugly, that I always viewed as the great tragedy of my life. The fact that I had cancer seemed minor in comparison." At age nine, Lucy Grealy was /5(47). Autobiography of a face is the autobiography of Lucy Grealy, a very talented writer.

It tells of her first struggles as a child, all the way to after her college days.

Autobiography of a Face Summary

It takes you in depth into the hospital world as if you were her, being treated and operated on/5(56). In her moving memoir, Autobiography of a Face, award-winning poet Lucy Grealy describes her life as a cancer victim who, at nine years old, has part of her jaw removed.

From then on, she endures operation after operation in order to reconstruct her disfigured face, and suffers cruel taunts from classmates and uneasy stares from their parents. Autobiography of a Face [Lucy Grealy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

A New York Times Notable Book “This is a young woman’s first book/5().

Autobiography of a Face Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and more. Autobiography of a Face has 21, ratings and 1, reviews. Will said: At an early age, Lucy Grealy was found to have a rare form of cancer.

Autobiography of a Face

It would d 4/5.

Autobiography of a face
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