An account of events during the john browns raid on the federal armory at harpers ferry in 1859

10 Facts: Harpers Ferry

Some people called him a "martyr". So instead of pleading for insanity to be exonerated of the charges, he sat through the trial in a courageous and dignified matter.

There was only one opening into the room, a space so narrow that only one horse could enter at a time, and only after wading through three feet of water.

John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry

Between and the outbreak of the Civil War inthe Armory produced more thanmuskets, rifles, and pistols, and employed, at times, over workers. Thomas Jefferson, for instance, described the scene here as "worth a voyage across the Atlantic" in his Notes on the State of Virginia. Courtesy of the Library of Congress Fact 2: Stuartserving as a volunteer aide-de-campunder a white flag of truce to negotiate a surrender of John Brown and his followers.

Harpers Ferry for kids: They say John Brown knew that after Harpers Ferry the most helpful thing he could do for the cause was die. When the Federals returned to Harpers Ferry after the Battle of Antietam, they began transforming the surrounding heights into fortified encampments to protect both the town and the railroad.

Mosby and his band of rangers, allowing them to evade capture by Federal forces. Wise, the same governor who had hung John Brown for carrying out similar designs on the arsenal, organized a scheme to occupy the valuable armory.

Greene found a wooden ladder, and he and about 10 Marines used it as a battering ram to force the front doors open. German and Irish laborers who helped to build the railroad and canal later settled in the area and diversified the local culture.

DBQ relating to John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry Essay Sample

They seized the armory and several other key points within the town. Greene was the first through the door and with the assistance of Lewis Washingtonidentified and singled out John Brown. Harpers Ferry in Hayward Shepherdan African-American baggage handler on the train, confronted the raiders; they shot and killed him.

Do you agree or disagree? More essays like this: On April 18,less than 24 hours after Virginia seceded from the Union, Federal soldiers set fire to the Armory and Arsenal to keep them out of Confederate hands.

Today, wetlands fill abandoned canals and plants and animals use old ruins as homes.

John Brown’s Harpers Ferry

According to one reporter at the scene his "body jerked and quivered" for a full five minutes. Harpers Ferry was strategically located close to the Mason-Dixon line, or the border between the free and the slave-holding states.John Brown believed he could free the slaves, and he selected Harpers Ferry as his starting point.

Determined to seize theweapons at the Arsenal and to use the Blue Ridge Mountains for guerrilla warfare, abolitionist Brown launched his raid on Sunday evening, October 16, Lesson Plan on John Brown's Harpers Ferry Raid.

John Brown

Grades: High School Approximate Length of Time: 1 class meeting Goals: Students will gain a historical knowledge of John Brown's raid and an understanding of how to utilize primary sources to study a historic event.

Abolitionist John Brown leads a small group on a raid against a federal armory in Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia), in an attempt to start an armed slave revolt and destroy the institution of slavery.

John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry

Born in Connecticut in and raised in Ohio, Brown came from a staunchly Calvinist and antislavery family. He spent much of his life failing at a variety of businesses–he declared bankruptcy at age 42. DBQ relating to John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry Essay Sample. The views of John Brown’s raid of the federal armory at Harpers Ferry illustrate the changing of North-South relations between the years of and Summary of John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry Summary: John's Brown raid on Harper's Ferry took place on October 16, in the town of Harpers Ferry in Virginia (now West Virginia).The militant anti-slavery activist led a group of 21 armed men to seize weapons and ammunition from a federal armory at Harpers Ferry, enough to equip an army, and then lead a slave rebellion in the South.

‘Unflinching’: The day John Brown was hanged for his raid on Harpers Ferry after leading at least 18 men in the raid of an armory at Harpers Ferry. Brown was accused of planning to seize.

An account of events during the john browns raid on the federal armory at harpers ferry in 1859
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