Acts of war behavior of men

The author also re-creates the more distant past by examining an extraordinary mass of military memoirs. In this wide-ranging fashion, Holmes is able to encompass the contradictions that have always seemed to exist under the sign of Mars--why in battle, for example, some find manhood; others, madness.

I seemed that it read pretty fast to me, as well. To be sure, Holmes himself uses plenty of first-hand accounts from men that have served, but this strengthens the book rather than impedes it. I was really impressed with the beginning of the book. Caesar and Clausewitz, Xenephon and Wellington, Frederick the Great and Marshal de MacMahon are all cited, commenting on their careers and their beliefs.


Holmes has good coverage of the wars, but leaves out the voices of soldiers of numerous countries that participated. Others are too over the top and cliched. He draws from a number of secondary sources as well and blends these together in chapters which are divided thematically.

Another problem faced by military historians is that many have never seen battle themselves.

Acts of War: Behavior of Men in Battle

Many of them based their ideas of what war was like off of movies they had seen, or wanted to see themselves as a character they found particularly admirable.

This comprehensive study, the first of its kind, is an impressive personal document, too, recounting wartime experiences that are alternately moving and infuriating, shocking and uplifting.

May 23, Matthew rated it really liked it An excellent survey of the wide range of experiences, emotions, and behaviors that humans exhibit and experience in battle.

This means some historians do not always see the importance of written accounts, do not use these accounts correctly, or over-use them and offer little analysis of their own. Some histories are too operational and ignore the role of the individual.

All in all, I truly enjoyed this book. He notes how important and useful personal accounts can be, even though they are flawed in the sense that it is difficult recalling past events, especially ones as confusing and horrible as during war, so that they are often incomplete, one-sided or partly incorrect.

There was a problem adding your email address. Before Holmes really gets into the soldier experience, he discusses the writing of military history and some of the problems with it.

Still, it is a more narrow scope. It provides a ton of information without being dense or confusing, and the personal accounts Holmes uses are really wonderful. Holmes draws on centuries of evidence for his findings and covers the entire spectrum of experiences.

I was a little less into the book at the end than when I initially started reading it, but it was never a chore - I enjoyed it cover to cover.

Overall, it examines the life of a soldier from enlistment through training, onto the battlefield and then follows him home after his war.

Their firsthand reminiscences reveal both the similarities and differences that have marked 20th-century attitudes toward warfare. Let us study the soldier, for it is he who brings reality to it.The causes of the war and events that took place over the course of the war were substantial; the war had many lasting political and social effects; and it relates to Canada’s history as a whole.

Many of the effects of the Korean War, such as the tension between the United States and China, are still present in.

This book's subtitle, "The Behavior of Men in Battle", is a misnomer, for it is really a wide-ranging and lengthy description of what happens to men from the time they are recruited until they are discharged as combat veterans/5(11).

Warfare from the point of view of the officers and enlisted men whose ""blood, sweat and tears"" have stained battlefields from Thermopylae to the Falkland Islands.

Acts of war: the behavior of men in battle User Review - Not Available - Book Verdict In this useful and gripping study, an English military biographer examines the 2/5(1). Acts of War: The Behavior of Men in Battle by Richard Holmes and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at Although Holmes' book is subtitled "The Behaviour of Men in Battle," it goes far beyond that.

Overall, it examines the life of a soldier from enlistment through training, onto the battlefield and then follows him home after his war/5.

Acts of war behavior of men
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