A review of spent an online game about financial poverty and homelessness

Thanks for dropping by Barbara Z. Overall, it is a very engaging game and one that has potential for informing players and sparking a discussion on the real trajectories that lead to homelessness and poverty.

Room for Improvement While the working poor often do suffer from cascading crises, often the result of prior decisions such as not paying for health insurance or putting off having car repairs completed professionallythe frequency of these occurrences in the game detracted from the otherwise realistic and believable scenarios.

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On Not Getting By In Americathis casual game puts the player in the role of someone who is struggling to make ends meet. Restaurant Server, Warehouse Worker and Temp.

Even having studied financial literacy and having worked in the financial industryI had to stop, think, and weigh relative risks, hoping the random numbers fell my way. Do you think a game like this will help people to learn more about homelessness?

Maybe there should be more! The information is kept sufficiently short that it is valuable and educational without becoming overwhelming. It could prevent a few bad decisions along the way.

To be a temp worker you need to pass a typing test. All of the scenarios given during the hour that I played are events that I can imagine happening — and many have happened to friends who, while unemployed, have been put in similar positions.

Stay informed by joining our newsletter! If you are lucky and make good but difficult choices, you can succeed. As you play the game, costs are taken out of your account according to everyday expenses and things you choose to pay for.

Another factor of this game is the reality of choosing to ask your friends for help. And how hard it is to scramble back. Johnson Improving learning with technology Hey there! The choices are realistic. How will you get by? The tradeoffs between living close to work vs.

Can you make it through the month? You can choose to send a message instead, but the sentiment is clear. What Is The Game? Similar to the Sims challenge inspired by the book Nickel and Dimed: As an added bonus for the game, this is a great way to get the game to spread virally.

I played through two rounds in about an hour and a half, which is just right for a casual game designed to provide a moderately immersive role playing experience on a difficult topic. There are other costs too. Start here and accept the challenge to make it through the month without becoming homeless.

After explaining your situation to you, the game begins by giving you three options for work: Did you make it through the month? How Did You Do? Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated.

Information is provided in manageable chunks. People with little income are often underinsured because the cost of insurance is too much for them.

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But one virtual roll of the dice can put you out of the game and virtually homeless. Email Advertisement Have you ever wondered how people wind up homeless?

When payday comes around it tops up your funds a little. The Good There is a lot to like about this game.Work hard. Do the right thing. Homelessness is something that will never happen to me. Sometimes, all it takes is one life-changing experience to land you on the streets: a job loss, death of a loved one, divorce, natural disaster, or serious illness.

More than 1 million gamers and nongamers alike have tried surviving on $1, a month; now McKinney and Urban Ministries of Durham invite Congress to accept the challenge and quickly see that poverty and homelessness can happen to anyone DURHAM, N.C., Aug. 31, /PRNewswire/ — SPENT, the innovative online game about surviving poverty and [ ].

and overcome poverty, so that they can lead dignified, secure, active and healthy lives.

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Urban Ministries of Durham serves over people every year who struggle with poverty and homelessness.

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Spent is an interactive game created by McKinney that challenges you to manage your money, raise a child and make it through the month getting paid minimum wage after a stretch of unemployment.

Because we’re all only a paycheck or three away from needing to ask for help. SPENT - online game teaching economics and budgeting Find this Pin and more on poverty and homelessness info by Laura Tarnosky.

SPENT- awesome interactive game that. Poverty, Homelessness & Wealth Inequality. Spent (online game) Spent challenges us to rethink our perceptions of homelessness and poverty. In the scenario, we are a single parent with no job and only $1, to get us through the month.

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A review of spent an online game about financial poverty and homelessness
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